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family is a Home Improvement Management Service designed to help homeowners and contractors manage home improvement projects more easily and efficiently. We provide online tools to facilitate communication and documentation between the parties involved to ensure better experiences.


Who Uses SafePact?

Homeowners and contractors both benefit from using SafePact. It allows both parties to maintain permanent paperless trail of all documentation and communication associated with a home improvement project in one, easy to access place! The entire project file is electronically stored for easy access from wherever they have internet access.


How It Works

SafePact is an online transaction and data management service that benefits homeowners and contractors by holding payments for a home improvement project in escrow. When both parties are satisfied that the terms of the project have been met, releases payment… READ MORE…


Sign-Up. Its FREE!

In a couple of minutes you can have a FREE, secure, easy-to-manage, SafePact account. All of SafePact’s “most loved” features are free. A small fee of 1%-3% of the project cost is charged if you are using SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing, an optional feature the helps mitigate performance and payment risk for both parties when they need it. For more details,

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