Now Through May 31st We Are Offering
Super Storm Sandy Victims Free SurePay Services

As our friends in the Northeast begin to put their lives back together the task of rebuilding for many will seem insurmountable. At SafePact.com we believe the last thing homeowners need to worry about are those “shady” contractors trying to take advantage of their misfortune and ripping them off during their time of need. Likewise, we care about contractors receiving payment in a timely manner for their hard work performed within the guidelines of the contract. We are offering our online contractor management and escrow services to those affected by the storms at no cost now through March 31st. This gives everyone peace of mind ensuring that the contractor receives payment but only after the terms of the contract have been met to homeowner’s satisfaction.

In a joint effort with Indiana based Ameriana Bank we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our efforts to assist with rebuilding after the devastation of Super Storm Sandy. By partnering with Ameriana Bank beginning December 10th we will be able to offer our service free to both the homeowners affected by the storm and the contractors performing the work in the rebuilding efforts. Homeowners or contractors either one can enter the coupon code “Sandy” and all of the fees associated with the job will be waived. Now all those honest hard-working contractors can benefit at no cost too.

We have had the initial program in place, waiving fees for just the homeowners, since shortly after the storm hit with a very strong response. We listened to what the people involved had to say about what we could do to help more and they asked if we could waive all the fees. That’s when we rolled up our sleeves and asked Ameriana if they could help us. We are very pleased that they have stepped up to partner with us on this important effort. Although Ameriana is a Midwest-based community bank it says a lot about how people all across the country are working together to help make an impact.

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