SafePact Basics

The Basics is a Home Improvement Management Service designed to help homeowners and contractors manage home improvement projects more easily and efficiently. We provide online tools to facilitate communication and documentation between the parties involved to ensure better experiences.

Who uses SafePact’s services?

Homeowners and contractors both benefit from using SafePact. It allows both parties to maintain a permanent paperless trail of all the documentation and communication associated with a home improvement project in one, easy to access place! The entire project file is electronically stored for easy access from wherever they have internet access. Homeowners and contractors have access to standardized, fillable, sample documents covering the most common areas where documentation is a necessity and then the opportunity to save them directly into their project file.

How Homeowners Use SafePact?

As a homeowner your home is constantly undergoing maintenance and renovation. Sometimes there are large projects like adding a room, finishing a basement or remodeling a kitchen. Often times there are smaller more ongoing maintenance related projects like replacing the gutters or the HVAC system. Whatever the project, if it involves hiring outside services to complete it you are accumulating a collection of documents that deal with performance expectations, specifications, prices and timing of payments and warranties.

Our Company was started because we, like many homeowners out there, were fed up with having emails from the contractor in one place, digital pictures on our phones, and a half dozen pieces of paper with notes of them in various drawers around the house. We wanted to organize the documentation of our home improvement projects and arrange the communication with our contractors. And our wish was to not just have this information handy for a single use but rather to be able to reference it years down the line when that light bulb went off in our heads for the next project and shouted, “What was that contractor’s name that finished our master bath”? This is what SafePact is all about, making life easier for you by making it easier to manage home improvement projects over the life of your home.

How Contractors Use SafePact

As a home improvement contractor every week you’re doing your best to meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. Face it most of your customers are pretty nice people that really appreciate the fact that you do a pretty darned good job for them at a reasonable price. An awfully lot of contractors are contractors because they love what they do. You’re managing the job and handling the paperwork; the work flow, materials, labor, maybe some subs, managing job costs and yes even managing the customer.

Whatever the project might be it usually involves a collection of documents that deal with performance expectations, specifications, prices and timing of payments and warranties. There is always communication with your homeowner and often pictures and notes that go with the job. As you complete the job you find that you have emails to and from your homeowner, a paper contract, some digital pictures and a half a dozen pieces of paper with your notes on them. You try and put it all into a manila file folder and a lot of it does get in there…but not all of it. If you can relate to this then we can relate to you. We wanted to organize to the documentation and communication that goes with home improvement projects. For you SafePact is a tool that allows you to keep all of that documentation right there in one place and at your fingertips.

Signing up for a Account is Fast, Free, Efficient and Safe!

Just click Sign-up!. In a couple of minutes you can have a FREE, secure, easy-to-manage SafePact account. All of SafePact’s ”most loved” features are free.  A small fee of 1- 3¾% of the project cost is charged if you are using SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing, an optional feature that helps to mitigate performance and payment risk for both parties when they need it. For more details click here .

What is SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing?

SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing is an online service designed to provide financial protection for both homeowners and contractors involved in a financial transaction by acting as an independent third party to ensure both parties deliver their commitments. All funds are held in a FDIC insured, designated account and are disbursed only upon agreement by both parties.

Why is SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing better for Homeowners?

Many homeowners are wary of contractors due to a bad experience or hearing stories about bad home improvement experiences from friends and family. SafePact helps homeowners by enabling them to work with contractors who agree that release of payment for services should depend upon homeowner satisfaction. As you might expect, only contractors with complete confidence in the quality of their work see SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing as an advantage. Here¹s another big benefit: a contractor who uses SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing knows the funds for the project are in a FDIC insured, designated account so the contractor is highly motivated to make the project a priority, and to ensure its careful completion.

What’s in it for Contractors who use SafePact’s SurePay Payment Processing?

Honestly, reduced risk of being “stiffed” by a homeowner. Even reputable, well-regarded contractors deal with the occasional disreputable homeowner, who agrees to price and project terms, then delays or denies payment once the work is completed. By placing the funds in a secure SurePay Payment Processing account with SafePact, the homeowner demonstrates good faith and the means for payment, a great assurance to a quality contractor.

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