As we inch closer and closer to summer there are many of you out there who are making your long-awaited summer vacation plans, and I’m sure you are counting down the days and bragging about your upcoming trip on social media. The problem with that is thieves are now using social media to find their next target. So should you just shut in? Not be happy about your upcoming trip? I say nay-nay!  Follow these steps to help secure your home while you are on vacation:

1. Stop newspaper delivery: I am putting this number one for a reason.  Having paper after paper pile up on your driveway is the sure-fire way for thieves to know you aren’t home. Have either a friend or neighbor pick up your paper every morning, or suspend your paper delivery altogether while you’re gone.

2. Keep lights off…then on…then off again: You can file this under “making it seem like you’re home” just like the newspaper advice.  The difference between your lights and the newspaper is that your lights are going to need a bit more work. Your first instinct might be to simply leave your lights on all the time (to give it that “lived-in” look), but how often are you living with every light in your house on at 2:40 in the morning? To get around this problem look into getting a timed light switch.  By installing a quick action light switch timer you can keep up the facade you are home.

3. Lock up: I know, duh right?  But I’m not just talking about locking your front and back door, I’m saying you should lock your windows, screen doors, and even your garage door.  Thieves tend to like a quick-in-quick-out approach and playing around with annoying locks may frustrate them just enough to leave your home alone

4. Unplug the electronics, turn down the air: There’s more to protecting your home while you’re away than not letting thieves in, you also need to protect your home from disaster.  Unplugging your electronics such as computers and TVs can greatly reduce the risk of a short. Unless you have animals in the house (in which case hiring a sitter can eliminate practically this whole article) turning down your air-con can save energy and money. Turning the air down can keep your home cool enough to prevent overheating, but not so cold that you’re wasting your money.

Now that you have 4 tips to help protect your home while your on vacation, what are you waiting for?  Where are you going? Can we come? Be sure and tell us your go-to vacation spots and go-to home protection plans by logging onto facebook and leaving a message!

Everybody build (and travel) safe out there!

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